April 6, 2010


i had read my friend's bl0g today,,alm0st st0ry about their life,their gf n bf,their future n bla3..just me still kun0 with0ut own blog..for me i d0nt need blog2..my life is my private territ0ry..=.="..not a public..=.="maybe im s0 secretly pers0n=.='

oke back t0 the t0pic.
after reading all of their blog..the feeling of miss is fullfilled in my heart =( i miss my days that i spent with my primary school friends,days that spent with my 2ndary school friends...but time passed..its heal everything..
can i rewind for a while..
sleep in class,chat wif bal n zieqa when teacher teach,skip a prep n class,fly t0 umah balqis,late t0 musolla,quarrel each other,bath after mghrib,didnt do hw,copy answer from friends,scream at the hostel,carry hp n mp4 to hostel,bully same f1..all ive done...what a notty!haha..now everythings end..=(
all this memories ill never forget..

n0w..every0ne already 18 years old..cant believe~~
coz i dont think i act like a mature girl.but i better wake up n0w..gr0w up babe~fun has over..study smart is the m0st important things i sh0uld do n0w..so that there will no regret f0r the second time..hate the feeling of regret...

every1 has t0 choose and decide their path..and we need to separate fr0m each other..SEPARATION..i hate this word..y must there be separation???nevertheless..i love the word MEET
but i hate SEPARATE...haha..but if we never meet bef0re..then they wont be separation..haha..peoples are always self-contradict0ry..
thus we must always appreciate the time that we have with each other=]
always make memories am0ng them s0 that our friendship will be last l0nger..
wish all of us have a better future!get a gud wife or husband..get  many kids...have a gud carrier...n the m0st important..dont ever f0rget HIM..insyaAllah all of us,always in Rahmat && kasihsygNYA..amin

p/s=im still learning to improve my english c0z in spm i didnt get A ouh~ngee
      so the adventures of tintin be my friends ryte n0w..try laarr~besttt

1 comment:

balqis said...

yalahh yana..
u promote name i laa..

i'm oso mis all da memories dat we having together..

misz a;; muslimianss.haha ;DD


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